Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anyone for Some SAMPLES?

Hello there!

I've talked quite a bit about my vintage-inspired perfume hobby/business on this blog.  Now, something exciting: Samples are available!  If you would like to try one or maybe a few of the perfumes I have made, you can order samples free of charge.  Just send me an email at or you can contact me on my Facebook page,  If you like vintage looks, my perfumes might give you an idea of the scents of the past.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lipstick Cravings!

Not sure what it is, but this year I have been struck with wild lipstick cravings.  I have bought so many new tubes this year!  I guess part of what fed this was when I bought a horrible Revlon mascara.  I love Revlon; if you dislike something, all you need to do is politely write them about it, and they will do their best to make it right.  Because I was so disappointed in this mascara, they sent me some coupons for their products.  I LOVE their lipsticks, which are not heavy and waxy like others.  They also contain aloe and vitamin E!  So much to love.  Well, I bought some new shades.  And some more new shades.  While some lipstick lines advertise being inspired by vintage-shades, there are lots out there not labeled as such that work for the vintage lady.  I'm planning to share these with you sometime soon!

I know...I keep promising more posts of vintage-friendly lipsticks and never seem to get around to it.  Once again, I apologize.  Guess it's something with the weather getting chilly, I procrastinate about going out in the cold sunshine to model lipstick.  Well, when I find my motivation, get ready!  There will be lots of lip color shades for you to try out for yourself.