Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Perfect Red

(the lovely Rita Hayworth wearing with ideally red lips)

I've been looking for the perfect red lipstick for a long time; the ideal "classic" '40s red, not the pinkish red that is sometimes recommended (that's more '50s). I found a great one made by Revlon, "Mulled Wine," but it has recently been discontinued, so I'm on the search for another!

Recently I found this advice on a makeup site: "ivory skin tones should save red lipstick for only those special occasions calling for some extra drama. " I followed that advice for too long and was really timid about trying to wear red on my lips. The truth is, red looks great with ivory skin; it adds a color and classiness that can't be beaten.

Could any of my readers possibly help me by recommending some great red colors? :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Other Time?


I had the party; it was lots of fun! There was a password to get into the party (as it was speakeasy themed): "hotsy-totsy!" Everybody did great in remembering it. We laughed a lot while trying to make up sentences with the 1920s slang dictionary I found online, and we drank gin and tonics and ate cookies, and tried to dance the Charleston. I regret that I did not take more photos, but the few that I did take, I will try to post soon. This is the only photo I have, of me, taken by a friend:

I made the headband myself (see the post on how to make a flapper headband to find out how!); I'm wearing a strand of plain plastic "pearls," knotted, with vintage pearl earrings (also fake!), and a second-hand bracelet that must weigh three pounds. The dress I bought a while back at a sidewalk sale, only $5! It was beaded and sequined, and felt more '20s than I expected.

Sometime I will continue on my '20s posts, but I had to return all my resources to the library, so I haven't a whole lot right now.

I'm planning to do my next post on matte lipstick, as I tried it a few months ago and really liked it. Matte was in during the '40s. Exciting!