Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Exploring 1930s Looks

More preparations for 1930s Night, this Saturday! I tried this hairstyle, after seeing an excellent video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVjSeCZlm1A&feature=PlayList&p=11BBD0089E702196&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=2)

Pretty okay, but I think I need more practice.

I looked through my grandmother's yearbooks for fashion ideas. It looks like v-neck sweaters and cardigans, paired with dress shirts, were in style for men.
1938; my grandmother is the first girl on the left.

1939; Grandmother is in the middle, looking more confident, and so fresh-faced and pretty!

These aren't the greatest photos for detail, but I'm hoping that they will help to guide my guests toward a style they can wear on Saturday evening.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Autumn Cat-Eyes

So it appears that "cat-eye" sunglasses may be back in vogue for the fall. I don't really understand how these fashion experts can know what is going to be in style six months from now, as so many things could happen that could affect that, but this looks like pretty good fashion news. ;)

Here it is from the site:


Tortoise shell, how perfect!

Norma Kamali Cat-Eye sunglasses

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

1930s Dreams--Part Two

These are some drawings of early 1930s evening wear (1930-1934) I found in the book, Fashion Since 1900: The Complete Sourcebook, by John Peacock. It's a great book, very thorough, and I love the fashion by the decades books he has, too. He gives quite extensive explanations of hemlines, popular fabrics and trims, which are helpful to someone who wants to know what to look for in modern clothing in order to imitate the look of a certain decade.

I really like both the green dresses here; I hope I can find something like this for my party!

Monday, March 15, 2010

1930s Dreams

The first Saturday in April, I am planning to host a 1930s-themed party!

Due to this, I have been researching a lot about the 1930s; not just fashion, but food, as well.
  • Kix Cereal--As a child of eight, I really didn't care how old Kix was; I just knew it tasted good, was approved for my breakfast by my father and grandparents, and it wasn't oatmeal (I loathed oatmeal in those days). I've been yearning to buy a box for sometime now, to relive some memories, and now I have an excuse--for it was introduced in 1937! I'm thinking I could serve it as an appetizer instead of chips or nuts.

  • Rolo candies--I never knew these were from the '30s! A dessert hors d'oeuvre, perhaps, for those who don't wish to over-indulge?
  • The Peach Bellini--This is new to me, but it sounds delicious: 2 parts sparkling white wine (Prosecco wine was traditionally used), and 1 part fresh peach puree.
All this and more I hope to serve at the party.

And now I'm just dealing with finding the perfect dress. After that I can worry about make up and colors. I really want a backless gown, or at least a gown with a "plunging" back. As for colors, I think claret/merlot or a deep sapphire blue would be excellent. Satin or velvet is what I have in mind for fabrics--and all this I'm hoping to stumble upon at a second-hand shop! Well, I've gotten lucky before.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Faux Vintage

I feel that my first post was a bit rushed, so I wanted to reiterate the basics. Just this once.

  • My blog will cover the fashion of the first half of the 20th century, 1900-1950 (and a little into the '50s). The '30s and '40s are my passion, so expect to see lots on that! I want to cover men and women's fashion, but women's fashion will be the main focus.
  • To be honest, I know next to nothing about buying vintage clothing. I do know that, in many instances, if one is lucky enough to acquire real vintage pieces, there very often is the drawback of very delicate fabrics. While I adore real vintage, I really cannot afford it and I know others share my predicament. Therefore, when I can, I seek out modern clothes that resonate with vintage style, usually at second-hand stores--which is almost just as exciting as chasing down the real articles.
  • Instead of focusing on vintage-only clothing, I hope to demonstrate ways vintage looks can be achieved with modern clothing and accessories. Also...
  • I love antiquing! I will feature any wonderful finds I come across.

Friday, March 5, 2010

More Vintage "Style" Than Vintage "Fashion"

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." --Coco Chanel

I'm not sure if that is the exact quote, but I like it as a basis for my explanation of my blog.

I adore vintage and antique fashions; more accurately, fashions of the first half of the twentieth century. That is what I'll be focusing on. A large problem exists for me, and others like me: even if I could afford genuine vintage clothing, many times the materials are so delicate that actually wearing them could prove impractical. Something I'm always trying for when shopping for clothes (usually at second hand stores :D) is to find "the look." I try to find modern clothing which will hold up under modern wear, but still have that vintage charm. Sometimes it's remarkably easy to find clothes that reflect fashions of decades past--the issue is what to keep an eye out for. I'm going to try to focus on that for this blog, as well as general retrospection on fashions of 1900-1950s.

I'm new to blogging but once I get used to this and figure out what I'm doing, I'll soon be posting photos and blogging like crazy!