Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ancient Vintage?

Ha ha...So, my blog focuses mostly on vintage style and fashion from 1900-1950s...But with Halloween coming up, I'm planning to go as Helen of Troy. So! How about going extremely vintage for a little bit?--Ancient-Greece-and-Troy-vintage...

Rossana Podesta in the title roll of the 1956 film, Helen of Troy

I dressed as Helen of Troy in 4th grade, and it was hilarious...It's time for a pretty, grown-up version! Helen of Troy (who was actually queen of Greece, but ran away to Troy with the Trojan prince Paris) is usually portrayed as a blonde in the movies. Since I was ten, I always pictured her as a redhead. (Or maybe I just always wanted red hair?)

Well, my costume probably won't look quite that amazing, but I did make a very crafty crown out of bay leaves, painted gold, last year that I didn't get to wear. I'll have to post pictures of it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Adventure in Matte

(Veronica Lake)

For years I'd heard about matte lipstick--magazines described it as a daring, "not-for-everyone" look. Naturally, that made me want to give it a try. But either I wasn't into the vintage scene at that time or I was still intimidated by red lipstick, as I forgot about it nearly all together.

And then Revlon introduced a line of matte lipsticks. Revlon--my favorite lipstick brand! Buying red lipsticks can be risky; often the color on your lips is far from the color of the sticker on the bottom of a tube. So it wasn't until recently that a local drugstore had a sale on Revlon lipsticks that i decided to take the plunge. At $4.99 a tube, how could I go wrong?

(Revlon Matte lipstick, "In The Red")

Even the black-and-silver tube is matte! I adore it; it's matte without feeling dry, and the color wears well.

I bought "In The Red." I think it's a great red (the lighting of the photo doesn't do it justice); it works well with my hair color. I like the matte so much, I think I might buy a darker shade.

I really don't think matte lipstick is as risky as some makeup "experts" claim--and I disagree that it is exclusive only to certain women. If you're someone who has wanted to try matte lipstick but you're apprehensive due to all the hype--go ahead and give it a try. You won't know if you like it until you do. There's nothing to be intimidated by!