Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Perfect Red

(the lovely Rita Hayworth wearing with ideally red lips)

I've been looking for the perfect red lipstick for a long time; the ideal "classic" '40s red, not the pinkish red that is sometimes recommended (that's more '50s). I found a great one made by Revlon, "Mulled Wine," but it has recently been discontinued, so I'm on the search for another!

Recently I found this advice on a makeup site: "ivory skin tones should save red lipstick for only those special occasions calling for some extra drama. " I followed that advice for too long and was really timid about trying to wear red on my lips. The truth is, red looks great with ivory skin; it adds a color and classiness that can't be beaten.

Could any of my readers possibly help me by recommending some great red colors? :D


  1. I wish I ever bought makeup so I could suggest something. I am actually in the market for a new red though, because I am doing something outrageous with my hair today, and I think red lips will really make it look badass.

  2. Haha, sounds great! There is a nice red that I think Revlon still makes, called 'Blackberry,' which is a darker/brick-ish red. And they have a matte line out with some red shades, I like 'In the Red' in their matte.

    It's hard to find a good red because sometimes it looks good in the store, but once it's on your lips, it's an atrocious pink! At least, that always happens to me. D:

  3. Hey! I did pay someone to do the banner! :) and the other stuff.. it was like 15$ I think!

  4. Like I said, a dark plum wine, like Loreal's Raisin Rapture or something comparable.

    This brick red is also hot:

    I'm sure you get a lot of friends telling you the same thing my friends do - "Oh, you can wear anything..." So, let's!

  5. I used to enhance my auburn and go really red, so here are a few I loved... and they still look fantastic with my current brunette shade.

    Revlon matte "In The Red"
    Revlon "Wine with Everything" Creme, not the pearl version.
    Revlon Raspberry Bite is a slightly more vamp raspberry wine shade.