Saturday, March 12, 2011

Post Calender!

Although I promised in my last post to present a how-to on 1930s make up, I'm facing a lull in my preparations for that.  I need to practice my hair and make up first, and I haven't really been doing that!  Naughty me.  Well, I did feel the urge to post something, and in order to satisfy that (and possibly awaken my motivation), I decided to let you know what I'm hoping to write about in the coming weeks.

-End of March:  Someday, I'll get up that post about getting a 1930s face.

-Month of April: Because of the 1940s party I have planned for early May, the month of April is going to be 1940s month!  Faithful readers will receive tips on how to dress 1940s-esque with modern clothing, how to do hair rolls and other hairstyles, and how to do make up.  And of course I'll have 1940s tips for men, since we all know how foxy those 1940s men are.  ;D

-Speaking of the 1940s, I have a hat I bought nearly three years ago that I believe is a genuine 1940s hat.  For lack of a better term, it is epic.  Italian made, magenta-red...Oh darlings, you just have to see it.

-For this summer, I want to post about dresses, dresses, dresses!  I have a few modern dresses that look rather vintage.  I need to share.

There is more, but you would like some surprises, wouldn't you?


  1. Suprises are always lovely, as long as they are unexpected :) My life has been more like a huge big suprise for the last couple of weeks, so anything new is always refreshing.

  2. All good surprises, I hope! :)