Monday, April 11, 2011

Barbra's 1940s Makeover!

Meet Barbra.

Barbra is a thoroughly modern girl.  It would be impossible to give such a modern girl a 1940s fashion look, wouldn't it?...Not at all!  After a gander through her closet, we found some "modern" clothing with '40s reflections.  These consisted of black wide-legged slacks, a blouse with an elegantly bold floral print, and a ruffly cardigan.  But first, to complement the clothes, she gave herself a 1940s face.  Here is how.

1.  Barbra applied a powder foundation for a smooth, matte effect.  She used a large brush for even coverage.

2.  1940s eyes were "wide awake," so Barbra made sure her eyelashes were well-curled.

3.  To accentuate her eyes, Barbra applied a deep brown eyeshadow, working at the base of the lashes and moving away from the inner eye, up into the outer crease.  She used a brush for a soft look.

 4.  When it comes to 1940s eyes, emphasis is on the upper lashes.  Barbra applied a thin line of black liquid liner to her upper lids.  The key is to make a fine, even line.  I see some girls who really paint it on, way up their eyelids, and they end up with an early '60s look.  Keep it modest.  Remember--rationing!  ;)

5.  Blush should be applied, starting on the "apples" of your cheeks, and swept upward along your cheekbones, toward the temples.  Accentuate those cheekbones!

6.  Compete your eye look with very black mascara on the top lashes only.  But extra emphasis on the outer lashes, if possible.

7.  Lipstick--Although many people tend to think of red as the 1940s lipcolor, rose, coral, and "China reds" (orangy red), along with many other shades, were also popular.  Be sure the lipstick you choose is a non-shimmery type.  Barbra chose to go classic with a classic red shade.

8.  Hair--Barbra wanted to go all-out with her 1940s look, so I gave her the classic "victory rolls!"  Her thick hair worked wonderfully well for large, voluptuous rolls.

Bold floral-print blouse with frilly sleeves, tucked into wide-legged black slacks.

 "I simply love my ruffly cardigan!"


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the step by awesome, so fun, so timeless! Well done Tia, your advice and help made this modern girl a 1940's Bombshell! xo -B

  2. WAY CUTE!! I want a 40's makeover!!! haha! :)

  3. This is an adorable post. You should help me look 1920's this summer!

  4. Thank you all very much! Monica, we should get together next time you're in town! I would definitely give you a '40s makeover! And Lisa, I would LOVE to help you look 1920s this summer! Just let me know when. :D