Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lip Rouge

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm planning to make lip colors soon!  I make perfumes and lip balms, and it has always been a sort of dream of mine to do lipsticks, so I thought now seemed a good time to start.  However, these won't be lipsticks, but old-fashioned "lip rouge" in a pot, the type you apply with a brush.

Ava Gardner

After all, if you would like to know a little secret, the names I gave to my perfumes, "Eliza Fragrances" was one I came up with easily because I once wanted to start a company called "Eliza Cosmetics."  Why 'Eliza'?  It's the first half of my middle name, 'Elizabeth.'  But the name 'Eliza' is classy and alluring, a bit like the name 'Ava' or 'Rita'.  At least, I think so.  Anyway, my dream of my 'future' cosmetic company was that I would have lipsticks, nail colors, and nail files, which I was fashioning myself with some kind of filing stone.  That was before my vintage days, before I discovered my true style, and the dream died out--all except for the lipstick part.

So, why am I choosing potted lip rouge instead of lipsticks?  A few reasons; one, lipstick molds are VERY expensive.  I don't really want to think of all the work involved of pouring into molds and assembling the lipstick in the tubes.  Besides that, it's necessary to find a base with just the right balance of creamy and soft, yet still firm enough to hold its shape in tube form. 

Photo of a lipstick mold from the TKB Trading website.  Looks rather like some torture device.  D:

 Another reason, so you won't only suspect me of laziness (ha, ha), is that potted lip rouge is quite a novelty.  Unmistakeably vintage.  And that's what my perfumes are all about; bringing back classy vintage scents that one can't get a hold of anymore.  Now I might be able to do this with lip colors--if all goes smoothly!

While I'm really excited, I'm also pretty nervous.  I have a lot of shades planned, but will it work out?  I'm afraid the color will come out sheer, or that the base will be too oily.  Or I won't get the color just right.  I ordered some samples from the mineral makeup supply company TKB Trading last week.  There are a few suppliers out there, but I really liked TKB Trading's extensive information on the pigments (i.e. specific FDA approvals), and the site seemed very user friendly and organized, with articles, recipes, user reviews, lots of how-to.  I emailed them and the response I received was prompt.  I'm hoping these are all good omens!

There is a remarkably vintage twist to these lip rouges; not just the colors, but the theme of what I plan to name them.  This I'm keeping secret until I start making them.  Whether I fail or succeed, I'll share this with you sometime after my first few attempts.  If I have luck making the lip colors, I'll post photos and let you know how to get in touch with me if you're interested in trying some.  Wish me luck!  :)

Happy Holidays to all!  ♥


  1. thank you for stopping by my blog. your project for the coming year sounds very interesting and enterprising. I hope you succeed. - perhaps I will be able to help you promote your vintage-styled lip colours!

  2. Thank you very much! I will definitely post about them once I get all my supplies. :)