Saturday, March 17, 2012

Still Here!

How absent I've been lately!  I'm keeping busy, working on more lip rouges, planning out expanding into more cosmetics this spring, if I can afford to.  I obsess about it and have started dreaming about making cosmetics!  Ha, ha.  Haven't blogged much because my internet connection is usually very finicky with blogger and freezes up a lot, then I get frustrated, so I tend to stay away.  I apologize for being gone so long!

I've also started reading again.  I used to really enjoy reading, so much that I could read a thick book in a couple of days.  Recently I became disenchanted, and found it difficult to hold my attention to anything but short stories.  Maybe I'm just very picky with books!  Anyway, I've made it a goal to read two books a month.  I know, not much of a feat!  But that's the idea; I don't want my interest to "burn out" again.

I'm actually having a sale right now, my lip rouges are $6 each, perfumes $8, and lip balms are $2.  You can browse my Facebook page (Eliza Fragrances), or email me at

My latest lip rouge shade, 'Marilyn', is named after Marilyn Monroe, and is a red intended for blondes.  However, this shade would be amazing on most brunettes, and it's actually a blue-red that I can pull off, which is unusual for my red hair and pale skin.  (I'm not a natural redhead but I have redhead coloring--pink undertones and all that.)

Summer has suddenly struck us.  I really enjoy the gradual transition from winter to spring, spring to summer, but this year, summer has arrived almost overnight!  It worries me a bit about the rest of the summer; how hot is it going to get?

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