Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eliza Blog!

Finally, I've gotten around to creating a blog for my company, Eliza Fragrances & Cosmetics.  See it here!  This is where I will feature fun facts, ideas, latest products, the vintage photos and advertisements that are my inspiration.  I'll also be hosting giveaways on that blog.

Got some memory boards for my good old computer and it's running so much better.  Blogger doesn't freeze up anymore, so I'm looking forward to blogging more on here, as well.  I have a few vintage style ideas I would like to share.

Hooray!  I hope I can keep up two blogs!  I leave you now with one of my favorite vintage cosmetic ads, which I just found today on  It's for Revlon's "Fashion Plate" powder, from 1948.  Look at that lacy bodice on the gown!  And those red lips!  Wow!

Stay glamorous!  ;)

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