Friday, January 24, 2014

A Return.


I'm not going to even look at the date on my last post--it really has been too long.  My life has been a bit--crazy--not in the best of ways, and not in the sense of "hectic".  Won't go into details with that, though.  I'm sorry to say that my love for vintage has suffered during this depressive episode, but I'm trying to return to it.  Trying to return to my soul, and to encourage my soul to return to me.

So, what all is new?  I've been doing a few new hobbies: jewelry making, Chinese brush painting, wire wrapping rings.  I haven't written in ages, just can't seem to get the inspiration or motivation to do that yet.  And what a cold winter it has been here!  That certainly doesn't add to the motivation issue, either.

The most exciting news I have is that I now have an ETSY SHOP for my makeup!  I've made a couple of sales and have found lots of great shops.  Please stop by and pay me a visit!

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