Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Coty's Airspun--Light and Soft Since 1935

If you would like to get that soft, ivory finish to your face that is so often seen on the glamorous stars of the silver screen, Coty's AIRSPUN Powder is one fabulous way to do it. (And it's particularly excellent if you're like me and you dislike the heavy feeling of liquid foundations.) Not to mention that it's pretty accurate for that style, in that it has been in production since 1935. And it has a nice smell, tenderly reminiscent of my grandmother.

This box I bought for $6.34, not bad considering that I have had it for two years, and there is still plenty of powder in it.

It goes on light and soft, you don't have to smear your face too much like you do with a lot of "cake" makeups. It comes in a few shades; I chose "translucent," which is rather pale but it is "translucent," so the color isn't too pronounced.

The box, when empty, is definitely worth keeping. My grandmother used to keep hers, and would use them to put bobby pins, bits of jewelry, and other miscellaneous in.I find it quite admirable that the box hasn't changed much after all these years!

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