Friday, April 9, 2010

1930s Night

1930s Night was a success! (Note: I have not posted any photos of my guests because I currently do not have their permission.)

I served Kix cereal as an appetizer...

Then I had a big bowl of it when everyone had left! It was still as good as I remember it.

I made vanilla sponge cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting. That seemed '30s-ish to me.
Front view of my dress. I bought a simple velvet gown with plunging v-neck at a second hand store for only $5. Velvets were big in the 1930s! And for this party....
I cut the back out of the dress! Since I'm not very good with sewing, I thought this was quite an achievement, but not many guests seemed impressed. Haha... Also, I wore a vintage faux diamond necklace of my grandmother's (probably from the '50s, but it looked the part), and iridescent dangle globe earrings.Shoes I wore. These were also second-hand.After eating delicious potato soup that my father had made from scratch, we played Clue. I also had Monopoly, which was a genuine '30s game, but there were also murder mystery type games then, which are now out of production. Everyone preferred to play Clue.

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  1. Hey! The sponge cake looks so delicious. It looks like the party was a success. At least your dress seems genuine :)