Tuesday, June 22, 2010

1920s Speakeasy Party

Clara Bow, the 1920s "it" girl

I am pretty certain I am going to have a 1920s Speakeasy party in July. I have this green beaded dress that I have never worn which might be just right for it, though it is a bit scandalous by '20s standards (it's backless). I also dressed as a flapper for Halloween years ago, and I still have my homemade feathered headband to go with that (see my last post on how to make your own). To get me in the mood for the party, and to help out my guests with what to wear (and anyone else out there who may be attending a similar party), my posts throughout the next few weeks will be focused on 1920s fashion.

I thought it would be funny to buy thigh-high black nylons and keep a little flask in the top of the stockings. Ha ha! I'm also considering the addition of some black fringe for the hemline of my dress, and I should look around for a gaudy bracelet or two.

I'm pretty excited. Being speakeasy themed, it will be a cocktail party. A friend had an idea for some people dressed as police to do a "raid" on our speakeasy sometime during the party. Cute! I read about using an old-style bathtub as a punch bowl, that sounded funny, but a little difficult. I hope I'll be able to afford some good "hooch" for this gathering!

Here is a link for a 1920s slang dictionary that I got a good laugh out of.

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  1. Ahh Clara Bow is my favorite it girl.
    I just checked a book out from the library about 1920's fashion. I'm teaching a fashion illustration class at Kendall and today all my kids are going to design something inspired by the past. Maybe I'll get some good ideas from my book. I just hope I can find and afford something to wear for your party this time, haha.