Saturday, June 19, 2010

Make Your Own Flapper Headband!

Want a 1920s look for a flapper costume or theme party? Following are simple instructions on how to create a glistening, stylish headband that will catch everyone's eye.

Items you will need:

-Measuring tape.
-Length of stretch sequin band, of your choice of color and width.
-Large feathers, such as peacock or ostrich. You can aim to match them or contrast them with the sequin band you chose.
-Needle and thread, and pins to hold the sequin band in place while you sew.

(All of the above should be available at your local sewing supply store or arts and crafts shop.)


1. With the measuring tape, measure the circumference of your head, across your forehead and just above the ears.

2. Cut a length of the stretch sequin band to the size of your head.

3. Pin the sequin band, end-to-end; try to hide the ends by folding them in a bit when you pin them.

4. Sew the ends of the sequin band where you pinned them.

5. Remove all pins, and try on the band to make sure it fits your head.

6. Decide where you want to place the feathers on your band; on the side, or the front. Sew them on carefully, taking care not to bend or break them.

7. Enjoy your new creation! You can add glue-on or sew-on jewels, if desired, to accent your new headpiece.

Hope this is comprehensive and helpful! Photos of my own headband to come!

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