Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Adventure in Matte

(Veronica Lake)

For years I'd heard about matte lipstick--magazines described it as a daring, "not-for-everyone" look. Naturally, that made me want to give it a try. But either I wasn't into the vintage scene at that time or I was still intimidated by red lipstick, as I forgot about it nearly all together.

And then Revlon introduced a line of matte lipsticks. Revlon--my favorite lipstick brand! Buying red lipsticks can be risky; often the color on your lips is far from the color of the sticker on the bottom of a tube. So it wasn't until recently that a local drugstore had a sale on Revlon lipsticks that i decided to take the plunge. At $4.99 a tube, how could I go wrong?

(Revlon Matte lipstick, "In The Red")

Even the black-and-silver tube is matte! I adore it; it's matte without feeling dry, and the color wears well.

I bought "In The Red." I think it's a great red (the lighting of the photo doesn't do it justice); it works well with my hair color. I like the matte so much, I think I might buy a darker shade.

I really don't think matte lipstick is as risky as some makeup "experts" claim--and I disagree that it is exclusive only to certain women. If you're someone who has wanted to try matte lipstick but you're apprehensive due to all the hype--go ahead and give it a try. You won't know if you like it until you do. There's nothing to be intimidated by!


  1. Ohh,get a darker plum wine color! You'd rock it so hard!

    Lady, I'm also in love with vintage fashion, so we'll have to put our heads together more often.

  2. Plum wine sounds great! And I agree, we should combine our vintage-loving forces!