Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ancient Vintage?

Ha ha...So, my blog focuses mostly on vintage style and fashion from 1900-1950s...But with Halloween coming up, I'm planning to go as Helen of Troy. So! How about going extremely vintage for a little bit?--Ancient-Greece-and-Troy-vintage...

Rossana Podesta in the title roll of the 1956 film, Helen of Troy

I dressed as Helen of Troy in 4th grade, and it was hilarious...It's time for a pretty, grown-up version! Helen of Troy (who was actually queen of Greece, but ran away to Troy with the Trojan prince Paris) is usually portrayed as a blonde in the movies. Since I was ten, I always pictured her as a redhead. (Or maybe I just always wanted red hair?)

Well, my costume probably won't look quite that amazing, but I did make a very crafty crown out of bay leaves, painted gold, last year that I didn't get to wear. I'll have to post pictures of it!

1 comment:

  1. You must tell me when you post photos of yourself as Helen, I'd love to see!!

    Also, love that art deco-esque ring, I'd want one like that too!