Sunday, November 28, 2010

Talc-Free Curiosity, Part Two

As mentioned in one of my last posts, I'm thinking about going for talc-free face powder. (I don't use vintage-inspired make up brands, thought that would be neat! Usually I just go for Revlon.) I don't usually wear a lot of foundation and don't feel I need "coverage," just something to tone down shine so I can get that vintage matte face! I love Coty's Airspun, which contains talc, but I don't like how it feels after I have it on for a few hours. Here are some options I have come across:

Palladio Rice Powder, $4.99


Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, $19


Aubrey Organics Silken Earth, $23.95

I have not tried the Palladio Rice Powder, but I have tried the Bare Minerals and the Aubrey Organics powders. The Bare Minerals is mostly corn starch, which is fine, and it's $19. I kept it on for a few hours and I could feel it was there--though it was much, much lighter than any other powder I've used in a while. However, it did feel a little dry; not really like I needed moisturizer, but that's what made me realize it was on my face.

My favorite is the last one, the Aubrey Organics Silken Earth, in Porcelain Beige. I tried it last week, along with their mineral blush in Warmed Rose. This powder contains silk powder, vitamin E, and aloe! I felt I was putting something on my face that was actually beneficial, and I feel that makes it worth the few extra dollars in comparison to the Bare Minerals. Also, this was really light, and did not feel dry at all.

Throughout my life, I have loved talc. It feels soft. When I was a kid and baby powder still contained talc, I used to rub it all over my face! And Coty's Airspun powder seems so vintage and classic, and the smell reminds me of my grandmother. But I have concerns...For one thing, talc's molecular structure consists of sharp edges. What do those sharp edges do to my pores?

Has anyone any thoughts on this subject? Some say talc is bad, some say not. Some say it causes cancer, but the lab rats it has been tested on were exposed to ridiculous amounts, so of course it caused harm. I'm mostly concerned that many talc-based makeups contain mineral oil, which can clog up your skin because your skin can't absorb it. I like the idea of a makeup that will allow my skin to breathe. Also, some say talc can enlarge pores. I'm not really sure what my verdict is on all this, but I do know I have gone for at least two weeks without talc-based makeup, and my skin is the clearest it has been in months. I really would like the best powder for my skin!


  1. I don't usually use pale powder, so I'm not sure. Instead of using branded cosmetics, could you try using cornstarch or rice flour from the supermarket? It would certainly be cheaper! And you could decant into a cute little container for the dressing table.

  2. I actually have tried using tapioca flour on my face, haha...It's white, so it's really obvious that I have some kind of white powder on my face, which isn't too desirable! D: If I could figure out how to put a bit of tan or beige coloring in there, it might work out. But I think maybe I should give my money to someone who knows what they are doing, ha!

  3. Just for curiousity I checked out the powder I use if it contains talc. Apparently it doesn't! The powder I use is made by Lumene. But I'm not sure if it's availabe in the US because it's a Finnish brand.