Saturday, November 20, 2010

What Every Woman Should Know

A few days ago I came home to a mysterious package from my lovely friend Heli. Inside, for my birthday, was this marvelous book!

I seriously felt like hollering and jumping up and down. I have always wanted a book like this! Unfortunately, I cannot ever seem to find such delightful books here in America. So many Americans seem too concerned with the up-and-coming to appreciate elegant looks of days gone by. Perhaps I should move to Europe. ;D

It makes me want to have another 1930s-themed party!

It is full of real newspaper clippings from a 1930s English newspaper, the Daily Mail. It has recipes, makeup and beauty advice, helpful household hints, and some exercises.

I'll have to include more about it in a later post, as this is all I have time for now!


  1. This is perhaps the first book at least in English which I've seen in Finland about this subject. Old magazines are truly like treasure. I remember there are some old magazines in my mom's childhood home which I have wanted to take with me for a long time but never got into it :) I'm glad that this has brought you so much pleasure!

  2. I am still reading it and marveling over it! Thank you again, Heli!

    I wish I could find some old magazines, though. I always look at antique shops, but it seems someone else has beat me to it, and has gotten the best of the supply!

  3. Wow this is a brilliant present- very thoughtful too and something you can come back to. I might go out and buy it too...

    Sarah Betty xx