Monday, March 15, 2010

1930s Dreams

The first Saturday in April, I am planning to host a 1930s-themed party!

Due to this, I have been researching a lot about the 1930s; not just fashion, but food, as well.
  • Kix Cereal--As a child of eight, I really didn't care how old Kix was; I just knew it tasted good, was approved for my breakfast by my father and grandparents, and it wasn't oatmeal (I loathed oatmeal in those days). I've been yearning to buy a box for sometime now, to relive some memories, and now I have an excuse--for it was introduced in 1937! I'm thinking I could serve it as an appetizer instead of chips or nuts.

  • Rolo candies--I never knew these were from the '30s! A dessert hors d'oeuvre, perhaps, for those who don't wish to over-indulge?
  • The Peach Bellini--This is new to me, but it sounds delicious: 2 parts sparkling white wine (Prosecco wine was traditionally used), and 1 part fresh peach puree.
All this and more I hope to serve at the party.

And now I'm just dealing with finding the perfect dress. After that I can worry about make up and colors. I really want a backless gown, or at least a gown with a "plunging" back. As for colors, I think claret/merlot or a deep sapphire blue would be excellent. Satin or velvet is what I have in mind for fabrics--and all this I'm hoping to stumble upon at a second-hand shop! Well, I've gotten lucky before.

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