Saturday, March 13, 2010

Faux Vintage

I feel that my first post was a bit rushed, so I wanted to reiterate the basics. Just this once.

  • My blog will cover the fashion of the first half of the 20th century, 1900-1950 (and a little into the '50s). The '30s and '40s are my passion, so expect to see lots on that! I want to cover men and women's fashion, but women's fashion will be the main focus.
  • To be honest, I know next to nothing about buying vintage clothing. I do know that, in many instances, if one is lucky enough to acquire real vintage pieces, there very often is the drawback of very delicate fabrics. While I adore real vintage, I really cannot afford it and I know others share my predicament. Therefore, when I can, I seek out modern clothes that resonate with vintage style, usually at second-hand stores--which is almost just as exciting as chasing down the real articles.
  • Instead of focusing on vintage-only clothing, I hope to demonstrate ways vintage looks can be achieved with modern clothing and accessories. Also...
  • I love antiquing! I will feature any wonderful finds I come across.


  1. Hey! It's me Heli. I hope this blog of yours will succeed. I noticed that there is a vintage shop near by me. I had walked by it many times and once I went into the shop I was amazed how stupid I've been. Unfortunately I had no time to spend otherwise I would have bought few hats, peace of clothing and so on. Maybe next time I shall acctually buy. The prices were not so bad either :)

  2. Oh my! A vintage shop! I'm a bit envious; there is only one near me and the selection is not so good and the prices are too high. But I hope you will be able to buy something next time--that's very exciting! Thanks for your support of my blog. :)

  3. I think the vintage shop is more likely a second hand store because some of the items seemed used. Also it would explain the cheap prices. Still, it has a great idea.

  4. That is great; let me know if you find anything there, I'm interested! :)

  5. Well, that may take some time but I'll let you know!